condition specific exercise classes

Exercise Classes

At NeuYou Rehab, we offer a weekly schedule of exercise classes that cater for specific neurological disorders to support you in challenging and motivating yourself. ​

Regain. Retain. Live Well

WHAT you do and HOW you do it matter when it comes to promoting brain health and driving positive neuroplastic change. To target your symptoms, both motor and non-motor, exercise needs to combine power, amplitude, effort, thinking, sensation, balance and fun.

We welcome you to try them all – to find the one that fits you – knowing that each method has its place and purpose in supporting your needs and providing long term benefits to you and your health.

All classes are run by our neuro rehabilitation specialists. We are able to provide individual strategies to help with symptom management during class by providing training and adaptation of the task at hand to enable everyone to participate to their maximum potential.

stretch & strengthen

Pilates for Neurological Conditions


10 aM


Challenge your mind, body & brain.

Using Pilates for neuro rehab to improve strength, stability, posture, balance, flexibility, breathing and more.

Pilates rehab exercises are focused on functional movements and are completed in standing, sitting, and on the mat.

Our aim is to improve your strength and confidence in how you do things every day.

Currently running online only

functionally fit

Power Rehabilitation training program


10 AM 


Target your symptoms, improve your fitness & feel good.

All the best bits of a gym session wrapped up in one combo class. A mixture of amplitude training, interval training (cardio) and weights to increase heart rate, breathing & endorphins, improve mood, digestion & sleep, and build strong muscles & bones. 

Boost your strength & confidence in standing, stepping, bending, reaching, pushing & pulling to improve your every day.

Boost your fitness. Feel good.

Currently running online only

Private Sessions

We are able to provide specialist neuro rehabilitation on a 1:1 basis for people living with Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury or acquired brain injury or for people living with Parkinson’s Disease who would like a more personalised service.

 We use a range of movement approaches to target your specific symptoms.

We aim to improve strength, range of movement and endurance, whilst reducing pain and stiffness, to improve how you carry out everyday functional tasks.

Our overall goal is always to maximise your independence and improve the quality of your life.

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