Our Service Standards

Our Philosophy

NeuYou Rehab was born from the vision that being diagnosed with a neurological condition is no barrier to living well.

As Health Professionals, we strive to question the WHY behind everything we encounter. We aim to work smart, challenge the norm, and never deliver the average.

As Therapists, our role is to guide, educate and empower our clients – to find their own strengths and work towards their own goals – whilst bringing humanity and humour to each day.

We believe our Clients own their journey and have the power to make the changes needed to improve how they experience their every day.

Our Principles


to work with respect and develop a connection with others 



to value others and know that we are all equal



to bring attention to the positives and a smile to your day 


Applying our principles to everything we do and every encounter we have – between clients, carers and colleagues – we strive to be our best, every day.



A holistic, lifestyle approach is necessary to promote health and wellness


Simplifying the complicated and explaining the WHY enables our clients to truly own their journey



Uncompromising, intelligent and innovative approaches are required to see true and lasting change


We dare to break boundaries and to do the unconventional. There is potential in every situation


We take professional ownership of all we do. We work with purpose and are always prepared

About Us

Tamsin Philipps

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Certified Rehab Pilates practitioner with advanced training in neuro Pilates

Certified International Nordic Walking instructor

Accredited PD Warrior instructor

Qualifying in the UK in 2008, I started my OT life in social services providing equipment and home modifications to people.

As rewarding as this can be, I longed to get more involved with the people I worked with, building long term relationships, and to help people regain their own abilities and strengths to return some quality to their life.

I then received a phone call from a local neuro rehab charity I had volunteered at as a student. It was this phone call that took me on the path I had been searching for, and my life as a neuro OT began.

Heading up the OT team for Integrated Neurological Services, I loved the variety that my days brought – designing and running long-term groups, seeing people at home on a one-to-one basis, running education programs, setting up challenging activities for people to get involved with. Seeing the smile on people’s faces as they succeeded in whatever it was we were doing that day made it so rewarding. I developed a strong sense of what I believed to be important and beneficial to the people I was working with and it is this that I wanted to bring with me to Australia when my family and I moved here in 2015.

Strongly believing in an holistic approach to therapy and having practiced many years personally, I knew that Pilates would bring great benefit to people and is very complementary to my other therapy work.  I am a certified Studio Pilates instructor, have completed Polestar Pilates training with a focus on rehabilitation and was very fortunate to attend the Pilates for Neurological Conditions and Advanced Pilates for Neurological Conditions further education courses (theneurostudio.com). I continue to research, educate and absorb all that I can to enhance my practice – Pilates is a journey and one that I enjoy being on every day. Focussing on balance and core control, reducing stiffness and weakness, and learning how to breathe well creates a stronger connection between the body and the mind, and has the power to really warm the spirit.

I also continue to develop my interest in other areas, complementary to working with people with neurological conditions. Neuroplasticity, nutrition, mindfulness, creative therapies. . . the list goes on, but I see them all as being essential elements to regaining and retaining our physical and mental health and to truly living well.

I strongly believe in a holistic approach to therapy

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